Date:19th April 2019 

Place: Petronas Pump station, Tronoh

The Director of CoRe ACC has been called to conduct the preliminary investigation of the Earthing system’s Installation at Petronas Petrol Pump nearby UTP. The owner of the petrol pump is having the agony experience during the lightning strike where the electrical sty rem often to be interrupted during lightning strike. Based on the previous studies, it is expected that the electrical problem which associated to lightning strike is originated from improper design or installation of earthing system. Thus, the investigation was focusing on observing, troubleshooting and data analyzing to ascertain the origin of the culprit. The interim report pertaining the investigation activity has been submitted to petrol pump owner on 24th April 2019. The finding from the investigation is expected to solve the agony should the owner take the step are per recommended in the report.