Advanced Computing and Communication known as ACC, is one of the seven community of researches, IRMI which was established in 2014. ACC comprises the management office and the community of researchers. The main role of ACC office is to facilitate the research agenda of its members concentrated on computer science, networking, communication technology, artificial intelligent, big data, power system, remote sensing, wireless technology and many more. On top of that, ACC office also aims to groom young and junior researchers to be the prominent researchers in their respective area. 

Currently, ACC community has 422 researchers from difference faculties that include Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Center of Foundation Studies, Faculty of Accountancy, Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Faculty of Information Studies, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Education. ACC community also comprises 34 registered Research Entities where 33 of them are registered as Research Interests Groups (tier 5) and one of them has achieved a Research Centre level (tier 4).

The evolution of industry 4.0, society 5.0 and sustainable development goal (SDG) have significant impact to the world. Hence, ACC researchers are actively addressing the research challenges in these areas by contributing to different aspects of solution. Currently, the strength of ACC research is evidenced by more than 500 published articles in two consecutive years, namely 2017 and 2018. Furthermore, the accumulated total grants by the members is approximately 10 million as in 2018. Besides that, the members are also actively engaged with the industries and communities.

The registered research entities are: 

     Research Centre (Tier 4):
  Research Groups (Tier 5):