Advanced computation and communication (ACC) is a necessary tool for all areas of research. UiTM researchers strive to discover new applications requiring the use of advanced computing and communication to be used in the various research disciplines.


Related research areas :

Trusted Computing, Infrastructure & Security, Grid & Cluster Computing, Middleware & tools, Industrial Informatics, Bioinformatics, Laboratory Information Management System, Wireless Communications, Mobile Communications, Radio Frequency Applications, Warfare Media & Information, GIS & Remote Sensing, Enviromatic, Human Computer Interaction, Applied Statistics, Information Technology, Mathematical Sciences, Microprocessor systems, VLSI System Design, Electronic Circuits, Real-time systems, Microelectronic, Analogue & Digital Design, Embedded Systems, nanotechnology, Power Systems Analysis, Power Quality & Management,  Renewable Energy, Power Electronic Converters , High Voltage & Pulse Power, Energy Management, Power system stability, Adaptive Control System, Digital Signal Processing, System Identification,  Medical Instrumentation, Fibre Optic Instrumentation, Robotic System, Sensor System, Image Processing , Virtual Instrumentation, Mobile and Cellular Network, Multimedia Network & Systems, RF/Microwave Circuits & Systems, Mobile Satellite, Propagation Predictions and Measurement, Antennas, Optical Communications,  Space and Earth Electromagnetism ,Occupational Safety and Health Engineering, Radar Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent System, Speech/Image Recognition, Communication, Wireless LAN & Bluetooth Applications, Network Security & Analysis, Trusted Computing and Infrastructure, Mobile Computing, Wearable & Handheld Devices, Embedded Systems, Bio-Medical Research & Informatics.